Lucid Dreaming Stories : Real Life Experiences

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Lucid Dreaming Stories : Real Life Experiences

“Wow! What an experience that I am experiencing right now! I am just at the top of the world. “Chirpy”, my pet sparrow, I love her so much and she is taking me on a ride to her world of skies and breezes and so much of other birds. I am riding on her back and other sparrows are flying in a beautiful pattern around me and Chirpy. Hold on, I am wondering how Chirpy managed to get so big that she can make me ride on her back. Why all other sparrows are of normal size and Chirpy is way too large for them. I can bet that she is my Chirpy but she was never too big. She used to sit on my finger and spread her feathers. Am I dreaming? Yes, I am dreaming and I am enjoying it. Now, I am trying to get control over this dream. I am trying to make it more fun and more adventure. Oh! Someone waked me up. And as soon as I woke, I start wondering that I was living a dream, consciously and intentionally. Whatever it was, I loved it and enjoyed it to full.” Another Lucid Dreamer

Lucid Dreaming Stories 

This is one of many Lucid Dreaming stories that have been reported so far. What does it mean? Lucid dreaming is not a myth and it’s not a supernatural activity at all. It’s just living a dream with your consciousness. But how is it possible to get conscious in the middle of a dream and when you are sleeping. We hardly know anything when we are asleep so how can we get that much conscious. Well, you may know nothing while sleeping but your brain does. You will just be in awe thing about what a brain can do. It’s beyond amazing and it’s beyond extraordinary.

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There are many lucid dreaming stories that will tempt you and attract to towards it. These stories explain the personal experiences of many dreamers who might have lived the life of their dreams actually in the dream. This is quite fantasizing situation when you are able to do the things that are practically impossible but you are still doing them. Lucid dreaming is making it possible for you. The possibilities are much more than that. You can also be the director and controller of your conscious dreams.

Lucid dreaming experiences bring you a great joy. You might want to regularly project your mind to your fantasy world. How amazing it is that a world where you can touch things, smell and taste them was nothing but just a projection of your mind. You can interact with your sub conscious mind after dreaming to figure out what exactly has happened. The lucid dreaming can be a fun, craziness and the adventure and you might want to be a lucid dreamer after reading the mesmerizing Lucid Dreaming stories. And those who already had some lucid dreams may want to be a regular dreamer.

Let’s see how you can lucid dream and be one of the dreamers!

 lucid dreaming experience

Want to lucid dream instantly?

Well, if you are a lucid dreaming freak just like me and are in the starting phase then I can tell you that you might be dreaming about “How to lucid dream instantly, fast and easily?” equipped with the ultimate question that says, “Is lucid dreaming dangerous?” Let me tell you one thing for sure. You are in a starting phase and at this time you must think about how you can make it no matter how much time it takes. And don’t even bother about the fact that is it dangerous. I will clear the whole misunderstanding for you. Once you get through the beginner phase, you will completely be able you control it. You can make it instant, faster and easier with your own efforts. To start with, I have following guide or you.

  1. Reprogram your mind

Reprogram your mind for yet to come lucid dreaming experiences and set it to the habit of waking from the dream and recalling it. Recall every dream that you had last night. If you are not able to remember the complete dream then recall whatever you remember. This counts a lot. Never miss a single moment. Don’t let yourself bother with the things like “How to lucid dream instantly,” “How to lucid dream fast,” or “How to lucid dream easily?” Trust me, as a beginner, you are not in a condition to control everything about lucid dreaming. And these obsessions will let you concentrate less on the fact that you want to lucid dream above all. And when this so called beginner phase is over then you will eventually know and will be able to figure out that you can make it the way to want. So, put all the concentration on the fact that you want to lucid dream, no matter what time it will take. I’d say let it be.

  1. Get a focused Intent

Stay focused on your intent. Mark my words, “The focus”. Don’t let your obsession of lucid dreaming instantly take a single fraction of your focus. Give it all to your desire of becoming a lucid dreamer. Whenever you are going to sleep, tell yourself that you are going for a lucid dream. You may fall asleep saying that you are going to lucid dream tonight and trust me, that’s a good thing. Put your all concentration to the fact that you are dreaming and you are ready to have some good lucid dreaming experiences. You should not let your focus shift on any other thing wandering in your brain. Keep yourself brainwashed with a single thing in it.

  1. Feel the Lucidity within you

When you start having a dream, try to get lucid and try to tell yourself that you are dreaming lucid. You can do some reality checks that helps you become lucid in your dreams. Notice yourself like your spouse does. Count your steps, mark your walk, checkout the way you open the door and close it, notice your smile and keep everything in mind when you are in your dreams. If you feel any mess and any difference in your behaviors while dreaming then you should know that you are actually dreaming. You don’t do it that way in real. Then you can feel yourself getting conscious in the dream. Always try to differentiate between your physical world and the world of your dreams. Keep your mind aware of the dreaming.

  1. Repeat

Repeat until you succeed in getting lucid. Learning lucid dreaming is not as simple as it seems. It takes high level of consciousness and mental abilities. You can also go for the mental exercises to improve your mental strengths which will eventually help you in conscious dreaming. But don’t give up on it. Don’t give up on anything you want. You must keep putting your efforts until you succeed and you must keep learning for the life time. Be your own master. If you are passionate, then you will start with hardly having a lucid dream and end up with lucid dreaming instantly, easily and fast. Just in the way you want. So, don’t let anything take it away from you. No one can stop you from lucid dreaming easily if your efforts are pure and genuine.

Lucid dreaming experiences can make you lively and happy. You must go through some lucid dreaming stories to get some sort of good motivation.

Is lucid dreaming dangerous?

So, how about it? What do you think? Is lucid dreaming dangerous? I’d probably say it depends on you. It’s your nature that influence the nature of lucid dreaming. Here are some of the possible dangers of lucid dreaming that you may go through:

Addiction and Obsession

I have seen many dreamers who have made lucid dreaming their addiction and obsession. They get too busy in their dream life that they forget what their real life is. This addiction is not a good thing at all. No matter how happy you are in your dream life, the real will always be real. So, try not to forget real life. Don’t make it like you can’t live a single day without lucid dreaming. No matter how expert you are, you should always be able to control it. Don’t let it control you. You have many other things to do in your real life that are much important than being an addicted lucid dreamer.

Disassociation with real life

You should never let lucid dreaming disassociate you with your real life. Beware of the fact that lucid dreaming can weaken your bonds between real life and dream life, consciousness and sub-consciousness, reality and fantasy. With this, you may come to the point when you will no longer we able to differentiate between your dream memories and real memories. So, you must stay away from your illogical memories. Always sort out your dream memories every morning. It’s better to keep a dream journal. Whenever you are in confusion, think practically and read your dream journal. Always keep your dream memories in your dream journal.

So, get yourself through the dangers of lucid dreaming.

Now the question is how you can lucid dream when you are not a consistent and frequent lucid dreamer?

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