Is Lucid Dreaming Dangerous, Real or Just a Myth?

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Is Lucid Dreaming Dangerous, Real or Just a Myth?


“Lucid Dreaming”, whenever we hear about this we usually think “Is Lucid Dreaming Real?” If yes, then “Is Lucid Dreaming Dangerous?” Most of us think it as a supernatural activity but it’s not. Before you start making any more assumptions or statements about the Lucid Dreaming, let us take you to the world of Lucid Dreaming and explore its reality though this interesting video.

Is Lucid dreaming real?

And the answer is “Yes! It is real.” Let us talk about the practically proven aspects of the reality of Lucid Dreaming.

First Scientific Evidences of Lucid Dreaming

There has been a proved scientific research on the Lucid Dreaming. The evidences if the lucid dreaming were revealed by the Hull University of UK in 1975. Here, predetermined eye movements of his lucid dreamer candidate Alan Worsely were recorded by Dr. Keith Hearne with the help of electro-oculogram. This experiment was basically carried out to communicate the dreams with the physical world. The blood flow and the brain rates were also used in addition to the eye movements to validate the concept of lucid dreaming.

Most recent Researches and Lucid Dreaming Facts

  • In 2009, Frankfurt, The Neurological Laboratory revealed the way in which our mind works when we are in conscious dreams. The extraordinary brain activities were recorded and interpreted by electroencephalogram in this research. When the report was analyzed, it was found that stats recorded were far more active and amplified that those at the normal dreaming condition. Watching these stats, some were in the favor of classifying lucid dreaming as another state of consciousness. Isn’t it great? Lucid Dreaming is great enough to get classified as a conscious state. I mean we can really be conscious while sleeping in our dreams.
  • In 2014, Frankfurt University’s noteworthy study revealed a remarkable fact. The fact was that the dream can be induced with sudden affect that when the mind is stimulated harmlessly with the electrical stimulation. In this study, electrical bumps and jerks were given to all the lucid dreamers under observation while asleep and it was found that they were conscious that they are dreaming. These researches were really shocking to the researchers also because this thing seems so supernatural but it was the reality of one’s consciousness.

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Some noteworthy Lucid Dreaming Facts

  • The studies have revealed an absurd yet interesting fact about the Lucid Dreaming. They say that those who play video games have more tendency and likeliness to dream lucid than those who don’t. Isn’t it interesting? If we are willing to be a lucid dreamer then we don’t have to try hard. Play game and dream lucid.
  • The studies revealed that 20% of all the people are having at least one lucid dream in a month and most of them do it unintentionally. Seems like you never know if you are one among them. Keep trying recalling your dreams every morning. Who knows, you can be a lucid dreamer too.
  • The concept of lucid dreaming may seem modern but it is quite ancient. Researches show that the ancient Egyptian also tried Lucid Dreaming. This means that the ancient people were also aware of consciousness while dreaming.
  • About 50% of all the human beings living on this planet are likely to have one lucid dream in the entire life.
  • Lucid dreaming flying and sex are most popular activities when it comes to Lucid Dreaming.
  • Lucid dreaming is the best remedy to face the fears and overcome them. It can also be used to drag away the stage fears and rehearse fearlessly in the conscious dreams.

Is Lucid Dreaming Dangerous?

Many of you people may have the scariest night mares. Your mind must be boggled thinking what if you get conscious in your scariest dream. Is lucid dreaming dangerous? It has been the topic of arguments and debated for the years. Well, it is not as dangerous as you think. Lucid Dreaming is not even dangerous at all but sometimes you may feel like it is.

It’s just petite danger and the danger may arise when you are not able to distinguish between dream and the reality. You may also get addicted to it which has got some psychological issues. You can also have unplanned meetings with the spiritual beings in case of astral projection but I want to remind you that it’s just a dream and it is the world of your thoughts. The other stupid reason is people may react weird if they knew that you are a lucid dreamer.

Now the question is how you can Lucid Dream when you are not a consistent and frequent lucid dreamer.

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I hope my answers to your disturbing question “Is Lucid Dreaming Dangerous?” convince you.

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