What does it mean when you dream about Snakes?

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What does it mean when you dream about Snakes?

What does it mean when you dream about Snakes?

Are you seeing snakes in your dreams? Is your life making a room for some kind of danger or these are the signs of something exceptional? Let’s reveal the mystery of the snake dreams and understand with a short story.

I have spent my childhood in the fields and under the cool breeze of Mango Trees. But now as I am grown up, I have not been there for months. One day I realized that I was back in my fields and I was enjoying eating mangoes on one of the hundred trees in the field. I can remember how my younger brother was asking for mangoes and he was not big enough to climb that tree. I just enjoyed teasing him and suddenly I saw a snake on the tree and it was literally heading towards me as it was seeking revenge on the behalf of my brother. I was constantly screaming and apologizing for my cruelty (which was love actually) towards my brother but the snake was not in the mood to take pity over my situation. It suddenly rose up and its face was just 2 inches next to my face then, my mum woke me up. I took a sigh of relief and I was thankful that it was just a dream.

This was my story but I am eager to know about yours.

Are you dreaming about Snakes like me?

Well, I just want to tell you that this is not just single dream I have been through. There are many. I was shocked at the point when I started having dreams about snakes regularly. I have even found them on my bed scaring me for no apparent reason. Then someone told me that there must be some signs that these dreams are trying to give you. That sounded stupid to me but I really kept wondering about that all the day and night.

Then I finally decided to know more about snake dreams. As my research went on, I discovered wicked and inexplicable facts about the snake dreaming. Every dream interpretation of snake reflects the different meaning.

Dreaming of Snakes Meaning

The most allied and interpreted meanings of snake dreaming are as follows:

     1. A snake symbolizes your sub consciousness

There can be the different approaches to the sub consciousness that are represented by a snake in your dreams. If you saw a snake floating in water then it may represent the flow of your emotions that have been concealed or suppressed by you. And if you saw a snake closed or tamed in a box then it may be the sigh that you are denying something and not acknowledging it.

     2. Snake can be the representative of your fear

Sometimes the snake is about to attack you without your alertness. It may scare you awfully. It represents that you are frightful about something in your life. There might be something terrible that’s going to happen in your life which is completely out of your control.

     3. Snakes can be the signs of veiled threats

Snakes can also be the representatives of hidden threat and menace. Snakes are mostly hidden and they attack you at the perfect opportunity. When you are bitten by a snake in your dream then it may be a sign that your life is endangered. Something evil is going to happen in your life. You may also see that you have killed a snake in your dream. Well, that might represent that you have fought that terrible situation and you are safe now.

     4. Snake may refer the sexual temptation

Researches show that if you see a snake on your bed then it signifies the lack of sensuality and passion in your life. You might be sexually over powered and threatened. If you are scared with the snake on your bed then it could mean that you are afraid of intimacy and love-making.

     5. Snake is the representative of Healing

Seeing snake in your dream also signifies that you are undergoing the process of healing and resolving the conflicts of your life. Seeing snakes in your dream might be a sigh that you have to heal something and there are many issues in your life that has to be resolved.

     6. Snakes are the signs of transformation

Snakes are the signs of transformation. Just like the way they shed their old skin and get transformed, they can be the signs of the big transformation of your life too. This represents the positive change that is going to take place in your life. This can be self-growth, the eternal knowledge, wisdom and anything revolutionary.

Various Dream Interpretations of Snakes

  • When you see a snake which is quite friendly and not scary at all then it means that you are in the healing process of some issues in your life.
  • When you are dreaming about a feral and scary snake then it means something evil is going to happen that will not be under your control.
  • If you are defending yourself from the snake then it means that you are trying to avoid something dreadful to happen in your life.
  • If you are fighting a snake in your dream then it means that you are obstructing a change and you are struggling with some of your decisions and emotions.
  • If the snake is attacking you in your dreams then it means that you are about to face something hard and the life is going to challenge you at some aspects.
  • If you are being chased by a snake in your life then it means that something evil is chasing your life. You may have to deal with the negative relations or emotions once again in your life.

How to deal with Reoccurring Snake Dreams?

Mainly the reoccurring dreams can be the signs of threat and unresolved issues. The most effective way to deal with these frequent dreams is Lucid Dreaming. Lucid dreaming is defined as gaining consciousness amidst the dream. This would be great for you to be conscious about your dream. I did the same for myself. My basic strategy was to have a lucid dream and be interactive with the snakes I see in my dreams. Sometimes I was scared in my dream even then I tried to get the control over the situation. I knew this was not possible in unconscious dreaming. That’s why I made a wonderful decision of becoming lucid during the dream. I used to ask the snakes in my dream that why they are appearing again and again and spoiling my sleep. I got maximum of the answers with the amazing art of Lucid Dreaming.

Snake Dream Interpretation with Lucid Dreaming

While being lucid in your snake dreams, all you have to do is be conscious about each and everything that’s happening in the dream. Consider even the little movements and location of the snake. It will help you to determine and interpret the reason behind dreaming about the snakes. In real sense, you will be able to interpret the dreaming of snakes meaning. So, lucid dreaming can act as a great key to deal with horrible snake dreams.

Now the question is, how you can lucid dream when you are not a consistent and frequent lucid dreamer? My situation was the same as yours. I knew nothing about the lucid dreaming and I could never think it was easy.

Guess what?

Now, I am a regular lucid dreamer. I opted this for knowing about my snake dream but now I enjoy lucid dreaming in various other dreams. I am kind of addicted to experience the fantasy and the credit goes to a wonderful lucid dreaming product called Lucid Dreaming FastTrack by ‘Rebecca Turner’. This amazing course simply amazed me with its effects. It made me enjoy the thing that I would never have believed.

Lucid Dreaming Fastrack

With her course, you will definitely be able to lucid dream and figure out the causes and signs behind your snake dreams. This is a great opportunity for you to deal with the causes and indications of seeing snakes in your dream and you can be prepared about the things that are going to happen as a result of those indications.

Moreover, you can enjoy being lucid in your beautiful and fantasy world. You can be the master of your dreams and live in your world of dreams with this marvelous course.Lucid Dreaming FastTrack

This course is an online guide with the best ways and strategies to get yourself lucid in your dream.

And the good news is that this product comes with the 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are unable to get benefited from this course.

You can read more about Snake Dreams on Huffingtonpost and Quora.

To me, it never gave me a chance to return it back.

I tried it and went on with improvement in every new lesson. This product brought a revolutionary transformation in my life and now it’s your turn.

Get it before it’s over for you. I don’t want you to miss this great opportunity. And the good thing is you will never be in loss. You always have the option to return it back which I can bet you’d never want to. I hope my answers to your disturbing question “What does it mean when you dream about Snakes?” convince you.  Go for “Lucid Dreaming FastTrack” now and experience the fantasy like millions are doing!!

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